Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Pink Pacers and Get REAL & HEEL

Get REAL & HEEL and the Pink Pacers The Pink Pacers have decided to take their commitment to a whole new level. They have joined forces with a local program in Chapel Hill, NC called Get Real & Heel. This is an after-care program providing breast cancer patients with individual exercise and recreation therapy. This integrative approach is the first post-treatment program in the country to combine exercise and recreation therapy as a way to manage the physical and psychosocial needs of women who have been treated for breast cancer. This program seeks to increase well-being and quality of life.

Get Real & Heel is a five month long program and is free for its participants. The participants attend Get Real & Heel three times a week, learning how to adapt to life after being treated for breast cancer. This mind, body and spirit approach enables these women to gain their life back through exercise and recreation therapy. The Pink Pacers felt that Get Real & Heel really outlines their beliefs and felt that they could find a place within this amazing program. After completing the program, the graduates are invited to join the Pink Pacers Team. The team will offer a program with different levels of walking and running groups specified to the needs of its members. The Pink Pacers have a lot of experience in training for walks and races of all lengths and will be able to facilitate a way for the graduates to continue their exercise beyond the Get Real & Heel program.

The Pink Pacers take pride in their commitment to Get Real & Heel and in addition to providing a training group, they will participate in raising funds. They hope to help build a stronger program as well as educate the public about this wonderful asset in our community. Our goal is not only to better the lives and health of the existing members but to assist in the growth and the accessibility of the program beyond the triangle to all over the country.


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