Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Southport Graphics!

Southport Graphics teamed up with us this year in full support of the 5K Walk! Southport Graphics is an amazing printing company that has a heart bigger then the Research Triangle. They stepped in and provided Get REAL & HEEL with all of their signage for the walk! This was more then we could have ever asked for! Their work is high quality as well as their staff! I am blessed to have them as friends.
Thank you Southport Graphics for making a big impact on the success of our walk. You are the main reason why we are able to give all of the money raised back to Get REAL & HEEL!
At this time the total is $6,850 with a few more checks coming in! Along with the money raised we had around 250 at the walk celebrating our first 5K ever! My goal is to double both the money raised and the walkers!


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