Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Breast of the 80s

Yes, this is another side of the Pink Pacers that you may not have seen. Aren't we gorgeous??

The Pink Pacers not only walk in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer but we have also been volunteers. I can say that this aspect of the walk did not hurt my feet as much but it did hurt my stomach. We laughed so much that I think I actually got a workout! Below is a picture of the 2009 Avon Walk Crew Team. We were in charge of Rest Stop 4 at mile 17. We had food, water and a medical tent for all who needed it. Luckily, Richard Simmons was available for a few stretching sessions. I can honestly say, our husbands are amazing for stepping it up for a great cause! The Pink Pacers have no shame!

Walk on...

Modanna, 80s rock guy, Flash Dance, 80s girl, Richard Simmons, Mary Lou Retton, PeeWee Hurman, Big Hair guy, Goose and Maverick.


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