Wednesday, January 6, 2010

When it rains it pours!

For some reason, the weather has not cooperated with us over the past few walks. I think that the rain likes the Pink Pacers! We had 2 teams walk this year and both of them were poored on! Below is a picture of the Charlotte 2009 walk team! This team was so positive during the HUGE downpour! I love this picture and was so excited when Suzie sent it to me today! I had to share!
Walk on... (even when it rains!)
Suzie McGuinn (3x walker), Katie Robertson (2x walker), Kristy Gibson (first time walker), Anne Marie Schneider(2x walker), Anne Neeley(4x walker) and Sue Mathias(first time walker)
Please note: The 2009 walk teams met our goal of reaching and surpassing $100,000 in fundraising since we started in 2006! We walk on because we can not walk away. We are making a difference!
Walk on...


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