Sunday, January 10, 2010

It is Gymnastics Time...Tar Heel style!

We would like to send a HUGE thank you to the University of North Carolina Women's Gymnastics team. The Jr. Pink Pacers were invited to a awesome young gymnastics experience! They were able to do all of the circuits with the actual Tar Heel Gymnasts!

All of our children were star struck as well as exhausted at the end! Everyone slept great that night!
Please mark your calendars for February 14th.

The UNC Gymnastics Team is hosting The Blue & Pink Wellness Fair at 12:00 PM.
Location: Carmichael Auditorium
Following the event will be the UNC / Maryland Gymnastics Meet at 2:30.
Please join us as we cheer on the Tar Heels! Go Tar Heels!

Pink Pacers, Get REAL & HEEL , Coach Derek and his awesome UNC Gymnastics Team.

Brooke, Coach and Katy


They are lucky to do all the circuits with the Tar Heel Gymnasts. I’m happy for you guys! I wish my daughter can experience that too.

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